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Breastfeeding is beautiful, natural — and can take some getting used to. Give your tender breasts a break with Pariday™ TendHer™ Pillows!

Our unique system combines soothing soft-touch pillows with our washable, re-usable pillowcases. The pillows are filled with cool-on-contact gel made with vegetarian food ingredients, and pillowcases wick away moisture while preventing minor leaks. Pillows may be warmed or cooled for desired temperature, or even feel great at room temperature!

Product Features

Pillows are made of soft-touch, medical-grade plastic film for maximum soothing.
Gel-filled pillows soothe breasts & nipples on contact at room temperature.
Pillows may be cooled or warmed and worn with sleeves for additional soothing.
Washable, re-usable sleeves wick away moisture while preventing minor leaks.
Perfectly sized for both coverage and tuck-in-bra discretion.
Gel is made with all natural ingredients - safe for you & baby.
Re-usable for up to 4 weeks.

TendHer Pillows and Pillowcases

  • TendHer Pillows are tender and cannot be warmed in the microwave or boiling water!

    Please warm them up in a bowl of hot water the way you would warm up breast milk. Heating a TendHer Pillow in the microwave would result in potentially harmful hot spots in the gel and would also damage the film.

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